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Flanders Healtcare

Healthcare economy cluster
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The healthcare economy ecosystem

Entrepreneurship, innovation, customer-centricity and knowhow drive the healthcare economy of West Flanders. The dynamic ecosystem of the province tackles the rising demand for tailor-made care, and new technologies and services play an important role in their approach.

Firms from sectors as diverse as ICT, textiles, construction and care delivery are increasingly meeting the needs of a growing market. By combining entrepreneurship with knowledge and adding the support of healthcare institutes, West Flanders lays the foundation for future-oriented healthcare solutions.

Fabrieken voor de Toekomst

Bringing healthcare players together

The healthcare economy cluster seeks to stimulate cooperation with the social for-profit sector centred around the development of innovative products and services.

Thus, the cluster policy focusses specifically on new forms of collaboration that transcend the traditional customer-supplier relationship.

To this aim, West Flemish knowledge institutions offer targeted courses that meet the needs of all partners. More, fundamental and applied research initiatives uncover new ways to provide high-quality care.

Tolhuis Bruges Belgium

Fostering an environment of co-creation

Located in the centre of Bruges, the base of the healthcare economy cluster can be found in Tolhuis. This location functions as a communication and knowledge-exchange hub between companies, healthcare organisations, knowledge centres and governmental organisations.

The emphasis of all collaboration is to identify and develop care solutions that meet changing demands today and moving forward.

Supporting companies today for the economy of tomorrow

In order to give businesses in West Flanders every possibility to grow via innovation, the Province of West Flanders established cluster partnerships to prepare its industry for the future. Promotion, research, training and infrastructure,…. The cluster partnerships aim to create an optimal breeding ground for a future-oriented economy. This is possible thanks to a close collaboration between education, science, industry and local government.