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Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronica

Mechanical engineering & mechatronics
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Industry 4.0: innovation through cross-fertilisation

Becoming a digital enterprise means undergoing a transformation – but SMEs must translate Industry 4.0 concepts into concrete applications. The machines of the future are intelligent, capturing data via sensors and interacting with each other and their operators.On the human side, combining the best of both robotics and human talent is a crucial feature of Industry 4.0. And on the logistics side, SMEs in West Flanders are perfectly positioned in Europe to deliver complex customised components worldwide.

West Flanders offers businesses R&D infrastructure and state-of-the-art support for their Industry 4.0 transformations. As a result, West Flanders is home to leading multinationals such as CNH (agricultural equipment), Daikin (climate solutions), Dana Off highway (transmissions), Bombardier (transport systems), Picanol and Vandewiele (textile machinery) and LVD (metallurgic machinery).

Fabrieken voor de Toekomst Machinebouw en Mechatronica

Combining technical knowledge with business acumen

The M&M cluster provides solutions for sectoral challenges facing the West Flemish manufacturing industry today and tomorrow. Smart, flexible, customised production processes are the main foci of the cluster, driven by innovation in the areas of small batch size, customisation, the use of digital technologies and automation. Companies active in the industry have the opportunity to:

  • experience what specific solutions can mean for their unique businesses;
  • benefit from partners’ expertise;
  • collaborate with peers on production optimisation;
  • launch joint projects that may qualify for funding.
computer technology

Cutting-edge labs at your fingertips

M&M companies can take advantage of various laboratories in which they can demo and test innovative new tools. Even more, the well-developed infrastructure of West Flanders offers skilled minds as well as inspirational business cases that firms can build from to prepare for the future.

Supporting companies today for the economy of tomorrow

In order to give businesses in West Flanders every possibility to grow via innovation, the Province of West Flanders established cluster partnerships to prepare its industry for the future. Promotion, research, training and infrastructure,…: the cluster partnerships aim to create an optimal breeding ground for a future-oriented economy. This is possible thanks to a close collaboration between education, science, industry and local government.