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Drone West 2018


Drone West shows off the innovative possibilities of drones for business: air, land and sea!

Drone West shows off the possibilities that drones have to offer for the business world. At VIVES  on Friday 7 December, 170 visitors discovered the innovative offers of 30 companies in the drone sector, alongside a solid programme of content. Drones are on the rise. They are often only associated with photography and video recordings, but they can bring a real added value to many industrial sectors. Drones can be used to assess the growth and evolution of various grain crops. In the construction sector, they can be used to monitor construction sites or make measurements with pin-point accuracy. At sea, they can be used to carry out inspections on wind turbines. Through Drone West, we wanted to convince businesses of the multitude of possible industrial applications.

The programme included:

  • The Federal Ministry of Mobility on the long-awaited European drone regulation: news and updates
  • Agoria on the potential of the Belgian drone industry, with a first look at the first edition of the Drone Pages: the yellow pages for drone service providers.
  • Air traffic controller Skeyes on the possibilities and challenges of controlling the growing drone air traffic
  • VIVES showed off the DroneLab, a mobile field lab through which the school for higher education aims to introduce drone applications in various fields

 Based on the overwhelmingly positive reaction, the next edition, Drone West 2.0, is already being worked on.

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