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West Flanders Gateway to Europe

West Flanders gateway to Europe: play your trump cards now!


The Province of West Flanders and its Development Agency (POM) developed a creative acquisition tool 'West Flanders, gateway to Europe'. An interactive card game shows all reasons why to invest in West Flanders. Head themes representing the region are: 1| innovation, 2| authenticity, 3| winner-mentality, 4| business enviromnent, 5| location. Together with economic players VOKA -  Chamer of Commerce West Flanders, UNIZO West Flanders (organisation for the self-employed and SMEs) and Flanders Investment and Trade we joined forces as evolutions e.g. Brexit with economic impact on West Flanders requires prompt action to be taken. "West Flanders is an open economy with a strong export-oriented industry which makes acting proactively essential at any time." says Jean de Bethune, Deputy of Economics, Province of West Flanders.

Gift cards

The new acquistition tool is one of the first results of close cooperation in this important partnership. In addition to the extended package of trump cards with investment opportunities, some special 'gift cards' were added. A nice-to-have welcome package put together by our partners. We herewith reach out for potential foreign investors to help them explore the region and fully play all their trump cards in order to win ... with West Flanders as starting point!

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